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Today's HRV images show superb views of the snow cover in northern
The detail is really quite amazing when you consider just how far north
part of the country is.


Yes and shows in my opinion that MSG is better than previous Meteosat's at
dealing with the low level of illumination in the northern latitudes at this
time of the year.
I am about to post a similar image, but false coloured and orthographically
corrected showing what marvels can be produced using David Taylor's
GeoSatSignal 4.
I have intentionally left off geographic outlines as those are not 100%
accurate yet on HRV images mainly due to software correction for it's
current 10� W location. (this should be resolved when it is moved to 3.4�W
in January)

As you look at the snow detail, let us remember that this is from a
geostationary satellite approx 35,000kM out over the equator, of a region
approximately 55� - 60� N, and the worst possible time for visible
imagery.......not bad ! Oh and an image every 15 minutes.
It has been a good weather satellite year for Europe.


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