Re: newbie setting up for MSG

peterszoo2003 <peter@...>

update on my setup took a while to recieve the tellique software
then flu from boxing day so set up for MSG yesterday using a
p4 2.66GHz 533MHz fsb, 1Gb pc2700 ram.and a g4 128Mb graphics card
to lighten load on ram. Software xp pro using xrit2pic to
view the data and images as yet no lost segments.
My system runs no other software as yet other than the required, as
computer will not be used
to acess internet so will not as yet need anti virus or fire wall
protection and I removed windows messenger and the like so as there
is nothing running in the background, I know this is a minimal
system and I will give David Taylors software a try when funds
available to put more load on the processor to see how far I can
push it before lost segments apear.
So the 1 or 2 computer network question still not fully answered but
perhaps the answer may become clearerer for me at least.
thanks to all who replied to my previous postings.

Best regards and happy & prosperous new year, Peter.

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