Re: Problems with SkyStar card

John Parkins <john@...>

Hello Trevor,

Well I assume the writer of the updated drivers was after the normal
things, to be more stable, more functionality etc etc. But what he came up
with was a set of drivers which caused computer hesitations and the
loss of data, so DON'T use them.

Quite agree about the card. There is an attempt at cooling, a very small
heatsink on one of the chips, but mine runs hot. Thus I stuck the fan
on to help out. But as I said before this is the most temperamental
card I have ever put in a computer. So far I have had this thing in
four different computers, all with completely different hardware. I
have only managed to get it running in two of them and so far only
semi-reliably in one (apart from what I assume is a heat problem).
At first I thought it might be down to the motherboard chipset, one
that it failed to run in at all had a VIA chipset, but this was proved
to be wrong when the one it ran in reliably also had a VIA chipset!

Still the battle goes on..........

Tuesday, September 16, 2003, 11:06:03 AM, you wrote:

TD> Hi

TD> Can you tell us what the upgrade is supposed to do? apart from giving problems.

TD> If this card runs that hot then I would assume that there is
TD> a design fault with it. In my past life (as a QA auditer for MoD)
TD> when working any thing that run that hot for it to stop working
TD> would have been rejected and a new design required.

TD> Trevor

Best regards,
John mailto:kvp@...

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