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Hi folks,
Being very interested in what the Windows cache is up to, when I came
across a hack which was supposed to improve the performance of the cache and
I/O I thought I'd try it. It came from a respectable source. (David
recommended the LargeSystemCache one some months ago!) The items I changed
were DisablePagingExecutive and LargeSystemCache. Well, what a disaster! As
soon as I restarted the machine, I got Delayed Write Failure
messages continuously and never succeeded in rebooting. Using the WinXP
CDROM to repair the system did not work as the HD was obviously affected, I
got endless error messages, blue screens of death, the lot. In the end I had
to reformat the C: drive and re-install Windows XP a number of times (seven
in all!) and then reload all the software and configure it again - a real
chore which took up most of Sunday and Monday. I also lost all data on the
d: drive - two months of MSG-1 images! One positive side to
this was that I looked on the web for info on the Delayed Write Failure
phenomenon and there was lots. I found the registry hacks mentioned, but as
well Maxtor drives and ATI graphics cards were blamed. Microsoft even has
Notes on the subject, blaming it on the use of 40 wire cables on the IDE
drives, setting the UDMA too fast, or using write caching on the drives.
You really don't want to catch this problem, it is worse than any virus
as it means a re-install every time you boot up and get the bad messages, as
they mean the disk(s) is trashed. You can only make limited changes each
time, so it means a couple of hours goes with each iteration. I only finally
(I hope) cleared things up when I replaced the C: drive with another new one
and reformatted the D: drive on another computer.
Happy reception - Alan

Alan Sewards
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