Re: mstDefrag now Windows 7.

Douglas Deans <dsdeans@...>

From: "David J Taylor" <>
Sent: Thursday, October 22, 2009 7:13 AM
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Subject: Re: [MSG-1] mstDefrag

From: "Douglas Deans" <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 21, 2009 10:04 PM
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Subject: Re: [MSG-1] mstDefrag
So far, and I only clean installed Windows 7 a day ago, I have :-
Oh, dear, Douglas, what a tale of woe! Let's see if we can help...

1) Computer freezing umpteen times a day.
Cooling, CPU getting too hot? Anything in the Event logs?
Apparently ACPI problems with ASUS boards and Windows 7.
New drivers needed but not available from ASUS.

2) Logitech webcam drivers don't work (doesn't even let me load the CD)
I would expect that some devices would need updated drivers - ones for
Vista may work.
Logitech not provided Windows 7 drivers. Again problems well documented.
Vista drivers not working. Again well documented.

3) No printer drivers.
For what printers? Perhaps I was luck with my Epson?
Canon. Awaiting drivers being issued on 22nd October. I hope.

4) Nero doesn't work.
Use InfraRecorder instead.

5) Motherboard drivers (ASUS) don't load (again warning when CD is
Doesn't matter.
It appears it does.

6)Power DVD not working (again warning when CD loaded)
What does PowerDVD give you which isn't already in Windows? You can
probably play DVDs with the VLC Media Player or the KM Player.

7) Windows Media Player does not play music CDs. (and message says no
fix)(and yes the DVB World .ax files have been removed).
Will check that. Well, The KM Player will play audio CDs, but the WMP
should work.

8) Windows update not working correctly (won't let you select some of
updates despite them being critical)
That sounds strange - any clue from Google?
Not so far.

None of the above were an issue in Vista.
No point in trying Eumetcast with regular freezing so it's back to Vista

Surprising and disappointing. Something fundamentally not right. What
did the upgrade advisor say?
Go back to Vista (<smile>).
So I am doing as I am told.


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