Re: mstDefrag

Alan Banks <alan@...>

David J Taylor wrote:

I used to run MSTDefrag but ran into problems and gave up on it after a
year or two of success.
What sort of problems, Alan? It's worked on all the systems where I've tested it.
It lost functionality as though it was unregistered. Got a feeling I mixed up my keys when upgraded PC last Xmas.

I believe it's better to defrag continuously rather than have a massive effort to clear out problems once a week. I've seen how bad a disk can become after only a day's worth of receiving and processing EUMETCast data - say 50GB/day throughput on a 100GB disk. Watching CPU and general activity I have the impression that defragmenting a few files a minute is far less load than weekly sort-out-the-mess run.
But doing what works for you is fine.
I used windows defrag on a daily schedule overnight with no ill effects. The Rx PC receives MSG, RSS, AVHRR & Metop. It also processes MSG and RSS 24 hrs a day. The only folders that get fragmented are MSG-1/Images which are on a different HDD to T-Systems and all the receive folders. The HDD that does all the hardwork is kept pretty busy but doesn't get fragmented.
The other PC processes AVHRR and Metop during the day and the saved images are again on a different HDD from the system. The relevant folder is defraged daily (mid afternoon when I'm less likely to be on the computer for other reasons). I guess a quad core with 3,2GB RAM doesn't really have a problem.
No lost segments or data except for outside problems.



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