Re: Segment Loss

Ian S Deans <ian@...>


Thanks for your mail and advice. I will certainly have a look at that and
see what shows up. From Boxing day there has been a little improvement and
if I leave the computer solely for MSG segment loss is not serious, probably
less than 10 in 12/14 hours. However I need to use the computer for
internet, mail etc and of course animations and segment loss increases
significantly then. Strangely enough being on line is not a major cause of
lost segments, but if I try to prepare mail, delete mail etc ( off line )
segment loss increases.
All very strange and frustrating given that up to the 17/12/03 I had little
or no problems for the first 3 months. I do accept though that an Athlon
1200 with 768mb of PC 100/133 ram ( although 7200 HD ) is probably pushing
things a bit when you consider the amount of data that is flying in.
Unfortunately we have to take everything that comes in on channel 1 and 2
even although David's program will quickly delete the data we are not

Thanks again for your help --- very much appreciated.



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