Re: Segment Loss


Hello Ian,

I don't know if this has been discussed before (long thread) but based on
your problem I guess a fragmented disc could be the cause.
Noticed too last month on my PIII (1 GHz, 512 Mb) that performance went
down and lost segments went up.
After running for months, the disc had become so fragmented that every disc
action was taking longer to complete.

Only taking the system off-line, deleting the *.fsy files from tellique and
defragmenting 3 times solved this.
Defragmentation the first time took long and left a lot of fragments on the
disc, so I started it over and over until all was "blue"

And Windows default settings do worsen this problem as by default Windows
will resize it's disc swap space whenever needed.
On a very fragmented disc, this will cause a swap space consisting of many
small chunks, lowering performance even more.
At Windows install I configured the swap space on the second partition (D:)
and fixed the size to 3 times the amount of RAM.
This way you can be sure that this part of the disc is reserved and will
never become fragmented by other files.

If you don't have a second partition you can improve by first setting
swapspace fixed and to a minimum, reboot, defragment and then set the
swapspace fixed to the recommended size and reboot again! This way the
newly created space should be placed on a free, not-fragmented part of the

Arne van Belle

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