Re: Tellicast Flow Monitor


Hello Enzo,

If nothing opens then you have a configuration error in IE.
When you lack Java support, the page opens but you cannot see the throughput graph.

What version of IE are you using ?

Try entering http://localhost:2517/ directly in IE

A firewall could block the Tellicast webpage.
Try again after disabling firewall(s).

Good luck,
Arne van Belle

--- In, "Vincenzo Mone" <vimone@...> wrote:

Hi Folks,
I am having a problem to monitor the Tellicast data flow.
As everyone knows, clicking on the pink "T" in the taskbar,
You will get an IE page which shows the graphic of the data flow
Of the tellicast.When I click on it I can see the IE page opens
But nothing loads. I get the advise that the settings of the Intranet are
Disabled for the default settings. If I click on the bar to accept it,
I get stucked and get the error "NOT RESPONDING"
Where am I missing?
Ho to solve it?
Thanks in advance

73 de Enzo IK8OZV

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