Re: Priorities for acquiring data

Alan Sewards

You can control rather crudely what you receive in the receiver with the PIDs. Other than that, you have to use the various items in recv-channels.ini, by commenting-out the ones you don't want, as Andrew explained in his post. You can do this without stopping or restarting your PC (I think). You cannot set priorities as such, where the system would take HRIT data for preference over some other data which is less important to you if the processor was overloaded, as there is no mechanism for setting priorities for the data channels.
I agree with another post which suggested that it was unlikely that heat was causing a loss of data. Perhaps it would be a good idea to give the PC a good clean, including the CPU heat sink. You can also get software which will read out the internal temperatures and fan speeds, which will give you a good indication if overheating is taking place.

Ciao - Alan

Carolina wrote:

Dear all, I hope you can help me.
Probably due to hot temperatures within the lab of University where acquision pc is located, in the morning I find that the pc/antenna work, but not all usual data are acquired. In particular, HRIT data (the most important for my working group) are not acquired (ascat, gome, saf,...YES!!!). If I restart pc everything goes back ok. My question is: is it possible to select somewhere PRIORITIES for arriving data? If I cannot avoid that pc/antenna work bad during hot days (waiting for the istallation of an air conditioner!!!) at least I would acquire data which are more interesting for us.

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