Tellicast client versions

Luca Bertagnolio

Hello everyone,

I am active again after a few years, yippie! The move from Brussels
to Roma in 2006 was followed by a move back to my hometown of Milano
during 2008, so after 8 years I am back to where I started! :-D

The folks at Ops were, as usual, extra helpful and I quickly received
a new CD with Tellicast 2.4.4a, but have noticed on discussions of a
few months back that a version 2.4.4b exists, and was wondering what
changes were made in the newer minor release.

I am now using Windows XP Pro SP3, and a USB 2.0 Tevii S650 external box,
which seems to be working really well. Sometimes in the future I will
go back at doing some experiments under Linux, which was my normal setup
when I was in Brussels, every since the EUMETCast beta was running in 2003.

Bye and 73 de Luca IK2OVV
Milano, Italy

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