Becoming a Licensed User

Sally Wannop <wannop@...>

Dear All

I would like to confirm a few points concerning the licensing process which has been a recent topic of discussion within the group:

1. As Trial users you are now beginning to receive your licences from your National Meteorological Service (NMS), for most of you this is the UK Met Office. Each NMS will provide clear instructions on what you should do but, the essence of it is, sign the licence and return one copy to them. As you know, we plan to introduce a credit card payment scheme in early 2004 and by mid-January we should have a few more details available on this. If you wish to wait for the credit card scheme before you pay for your EKU, please indicate this to us when we contact you.

2. The text of the licence makes reference to encryption hardware and software (EUMETCast Key Unit and EUMETCast Client Software) which are required to receive the licensed services. However, as trial users you will have already purchased the client software and therefore you will only require the addition of an EKU (cost EUR 40).

3. The NMS will inform EUMETSAT when you have returned your signed licence to them. We will then get in contact with you to confirm your requirements for the EKU. You will be invoiced accordingly and, once payment is received, the EKU will be dispatched to you.

4. EKUs are dispatched with the necessary installation software. Updated versions of the client software already include the EKU software on the same CD-ROM. If you were issued with an earlier version, e.g. by T-Systems, we will provide a free update with your EKU.

5. When you receive your EKU you will be given a new 'user_name' and 'user_key', these will only work in conjunction with your EKU. We will ask you to confirm that you can receive all services for which you have been licensed to receive before removing your earlier 'user_name'/'user_key' from the system.

I hope I have covered all the points you need to know.

Merry Christmas to you all from EUMETSAT.

Sally Wannop
User Support Manager
EUMETSAT User Service

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