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I am receving the APT from noaa sats I would like to receve the
MSG-1 from hot bird 6 my question is my computer is only a AMD 1gig
with 128 Mb ram will this be up to the job with the PCI card from
time step If so what soft ware is needed I know i have to register
with emusat my dish is a 1.2meter with a universal LNB

thanks ian
Ian, your PC would (probably) suffice for receiving the segment
files if you install a DVB card, but if you do other tasks at the
same time you will most likely see some segment loss. The memory at
128MB is probably too little to do much if any processing of the

Whilst you could start with this system, I would recommend using
your present box as a Receiver PC, and getting a new system box with
a 2GHz processor and at least 512MB of memory to act as a Processing
PC (and you can do all your general tasks on it as well). No need
for a new keyboard mouse or monitor - just get a KVM switch.

Alternatively, increase the memory on your present system to at
least 512MB to use it as your Processing PC, and ideally see if you
can pick up another system box with 500MHz/256MB to use as your
Receiver PC.


- SkyStar DVB card drivers (V4.2.2) - with the card

- Tellique software (from Eumetsat) to decode the data stream

- MSG Data Manager (from me) to assemble the segments and manage the

- Optionally, MSG Animator for real-time animations

- Optionaly, GeoSatSignal for false-colour, remapped animations

You can find out about the last three items at my Web site:

So aim for a two-PC system, but start with one. Increase the memory
for the processing PC to at least 512MB.


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