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Douglas Deans <dsdeans@...>

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Ian Deans wrote:
I noticed this morning losses on Metop / Met-9 and RSS at approx.
11.10 /
11.15 UTC. I was out at the time so was not monitoring, but I am now
seeing my signal quality very much reduced and varying a great deal (
down over 25% at times ).

The weather here is overcast with slight drizzle, but that would not
cause the reductions I am seeing. Have to assume that the weather
conditions in Germany are causing the problems.

Indeed, Ian. Bad weather in Stuttgart has been reported, and the
Europe-wide view of EUMETCast shows that we are all seeing dropouts:

Doesn't really matter here as massive hail storms (thunder and lightning) have put my system out for nearly 2 hours so far.
All my garden efforts in the past few months wrecked with rain and hail intensities I really haven't seen here before.
No wind (virtually in a col at the moment) so it appears to be seated over us.


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