Re: Problems with SkyStar card.........Again!!!!

John Parkins <john@...>

Hello Dave,

No it was the "which is not working because it doesn't seem to
be installed." bit which got me. Probably because I spent a while last
week installing a network which XP kept telling me didn't exist!

As for the heat of the card, I think it's a well known fact that they
run a bit on the warm side. The SkyStar2 Yahoo group is full of people
who have had to add fans and extra heatsinks to their cards. In fact
mine will stop working once it gets to a particular temperature.
During the recent hot spell I had the side off the computer and a 10"
room fan blowing on it just to keep it going!

My experience of this card is that it's the most temperamental thing
I've ever put in a computer and it's what I do for a living. The
drivers are flakey as well, as demonstrated by the recent 'update'.

No doubt some users wont have had any problem at all, but here I am
building up the courage to put the sides back on the computer because
I damn well know it wont work after I have!!!

How are sales of the USB version going???????

Tuesday, September 16, 2003, 8:36:37 AM, you wrote:

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T> XP is telling you it already assigned that address, which is correct, it
T> might have been a switched off USB interface for instance. And in fact
T> Windows 2000 does exactly the same thing, a useful feature in my mind ?

T> I have several cards and they all run cool, I would be happy to look at a
T> hot running card.

T> Regards

T> Dave

Best regards,
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