Re: Outage - Saturday at 11:25 UTC?

Alan Banks <alan@...>

Nothing here David. I've just got problems with a constantly tripping RCD and therefore some corrupt data and rather too frequent 'outs'. I find that the Skystar 2.6D card will up or down the SQ SNR either side of an out. Nil else changes. Electrician can't find a fault, we've unplugged most things, he says the RCD is fine and tests OK. Still tripped at 03.30UTC today. You can see the effect on my reception here.
the 11.00 yesterday and 03.30 today events show what I mean. The others are manual restarts though with no change in SQ SNR.
Told him to replace RCD whether or not it tests OK. With luck will see him Monday as he didn't turn up this morning as promised.


moan over

David J Taylor wrote:
I just had about a two minute outage here. Signal returned but strength is low. Gradually recovering. Just me?
Murphy's law as I just got an e-mail from Arne van Belle saying he was doing some signal strength tests!

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