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Robert, thanks for your follow up and at least the DWDSAT issue has been resolved.

To be honest as you have hinted yourself, some of your other issues are to say the least strange and are not making a lot of sense. I know you will have probably have checked this, but just make sure that your "recv-channels.ini " details are all correct. I remember getting caught some time ago when setting up on Vista, with Data Channel 1 data and all because I had a small "c" on the word channel. Easily done and I missed it twice before spotting it. Even something simple like hashed out might just get missed.

I take it Robert that you are still using a two computer set-up. PID 511 is not required. I think it was being used for testing but it is not even listed now.

Regards a rather puzzled


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Thanks Ian

You should be getting all these Robert if you have applied for them and have the correct PID's installed. DWDSAT uses its own PID ( 302 ) so check that you have that entered.

** that one was easily solved. I must have dropped PID302 while sorting out problems when setting up. OK now

It might be worth you checking just what you are entitled to receive. EPS-4 is the ATOVS data and EPS-15 is GAC. I can only suggest again that
you check that you have requested that data as it comes through on the same PID as the other EPS data which you are receiving.

** I will check, but I was receiving these previously. Yes very odd that all are on PID510, yet not all are getting through. The lines in recv-channels.ini are:

When you say that you are not receiving any SAF data is that all three channels ( SAF-Europe / SAf- Africa and SAF Americas PID's 500 / 301 and
509 ). Again check what you have requested.

** I really only used the SAF-Europe data (and that occassionally) but I thought I ought to check that I had the complete set. I'll make sure I have a proper request.

The FSD problem is extremely strange. If your system is under any strain I would expect to see that manifest itself initially in Metop chunk losses not FSD.

** Yes, very strange. This was an issue that I decided to leave until after the box was installed. Perhaps I should now wait for the new LNB to be installed.

I assume you are using a RAMDisk as you are taking Metop AVHRR ( EPS-10 ).

** Yes, but here's mystery. Because I had been receiving it I assumed that METOP was still coming in - but it is not. Log file says it stopped on 20th.
and of course other data streams are coming in on PID510, so there can't be a problem in the IP config in the DVBWorld software

I rebooted the Rx PC just to be sure thre wasn't a little glitch in the system.

I have PID's 100/300/301/302/500/509/510/511 entered as I just about take everything, although I do restrict some channels from time to time through recv-channels.ini .
** I don't have PID511

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