Re: up and running

Robert Moore

Thanks Ian

You should be getting all these Robert if you have applied for them and have the correct PID's installed. DWDSAT uses its own PID ( 302 ) so check that you have that entered.

** that one was easily solved. I must have dropped PID302 while sorting out problems when setting up. OK now

It might be worth you checking just what you are entitled to receive. EPS-4 is the ATOVS data and EPS-15 is GAC. I can only suggest again that
you check that you have requested that data as it comes through on the same PID as the other EPS data which you are receiving.

** I will check, but I was receiving these previously. Yes very odd that all are on PID510, yet not all are getting through. The lines in recv-channels.ini are:

When you say that you are not receiving any SAF data is that all three channels ( SAF-Europe / SAf- Africa and SAF Americas PID's 500 / 301 and
509 ). Again check what you have requested.

** I really only used the SAF-Europe data (and that occassionally) but I thought I ought to check that I had the complete set. I'll make sure I have a proper request.

The FSD problem is extremely strange. If your system is under any strain I would expect to see that manifest itself initially in Metop chunk losses not FSD.

** Yes, very strange. This was an issue that I decided to leave until after the box was installed. Perhaps I should now wait for the new LNB to be installed.

I assume you are using a RAMDisk as you are taking Metop AVHRR ( EPS-10 ).

** Yes, but here's mystery. Because I had been receiving it I assumed that METOP was still coming in - but it is not. Log file says it stopped on 20th.
and of course other data streams are coming in on PID510, so there can't be a problem in the IP config in the DVBWorld software

I rebooted the Rx PC just to be sure thre wasn't a little glitch in the system.

I have PID's 100/300/301/302/500/509/510/511 entered as I just about take everything, although I do restrict some channels from time to time through recv-channels.ini .
** I don't have PID511

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