Re: up and running

Ian Deans <isdeans1.-_@...>

You should be getting all these Robert if you have applied for them and have
the correct PID's installed. DWDSAT uses its own PID ( 302 ) so check that
you have that entered. You do have to apply for that Data as I remember, so
it might be worth you checking just what you are entitled to receive.
EPS-4 is the ATOVS data and EPS-15 is GAC. I can only suggest again that
you check that you have requested that data as it comes through on the same
PID as the other EPS data which you are receiving.

When you say that you are not receiving any SAF data is that all three
channels ( SAF-Europe / SAf- Africa and SAF Americas PID's 500 / 301 and
509 ). Again check what you have requested.

The FSD problem is extremely strange. If your system is under any strain I
would expect to see that manifest itself initially in Metop chunk losses not

I assume you are using a RAMDisk as you are taking Metop AVHRR ( EPS-10 ).

I have PID's 100/300/301/302/500/509/510/511 entered as I just about take
everything, although I do restrict some channels from time to time through
recv-channels.ini .


From: "Robert Moore" <>
Sent: Friday, May 22, 2009 8:32 PM
To: <>
Subject: [MSG-1] up and running

During my absence under the tree I didn't follow messages very closely,
though I was aware that there had been some alterations and disruptions to
services from time to time. Perhaps I could just check out the data I am
All EUMETSAT data channels are delivering OK
Also EPS-2 -3 -5 -10 -13 -16 -17

I am not getting:
EPS-4 -15
or any SAF data
Though all of these are set in recv-channels.ini. Should I be getting all
or any of these at present?

Reception of HRIT has been perfect until today when I had a few short
periods with one of two segments missing. But I'll give this a few days
because I still occasionally fiddle with the Rx PC files (I got a red T
for a few seconds this morning while editing recv.ini - I think).

FSD are still coming through very badly broken up, with lots of missing
segments - as before the DVBWorld box was installed.


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