up and running

Robert Moore

During my absence under the tree I didn't follow messages very closely, though I was aware that there had been some alterations and disruptions to services from time to time. Perhaps I could just check out the data I am receiving:
All EUMETSAT data channels are delivering OK
Also EPS-2 -3 -5 -10 -13 -16 -17

I am not getting:
EPS-4 -15
or any SAF data
Though all of these are set in recv-channels.ini. Should I be getting all or any of these at present?

Reception of HRIT has been perfect until today when I had a few short periods with one of two segments missing. But I'll give this a few days because I still occasionally fiddle with the Rx PC files (I got a red T for a few seconds this morning while editing recv.ini - I think).

FSD are still coming through very badly broken up, with lots of missing segments - as before the DVBWorld box was installed.


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