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Robert Moore

Apologies for butting in on this - does this mean I can dispense with the RAMdisk when the DVB box is installed?


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Ian Deans wrote:
Trevor, you should be able to disable and remove the driver through
Device Manager. The AR-soft RAMDisk is listed in Device Manager, but
under another heading, which I cannot remember as I am using another
free RAMDisk which is listed in Device Manager in its own name (
under Windows 7 )

You will still be left with a folder in Control Panel but that is of
no consequence.
Hope that helps.


Quite interesting looking at this more closely. In Device Manager, it
suggests that the AR Soft device is associated with a service called
"ramdisk", but this isn't listed in the Services Manager, so ypu can't
just disable it there.

Checking the files shows:

&#92;Windows&#92;Ssytem32&#92;ramdisk.cpl - 94,208 bytes

&#92;Windows&#92;System32&#92;drivers&#92;ramdisk.sys - 10,431 bytes

Once the PC has been rebooted with the AR Soft RAM disk disabled, those
files could be renamed, check reboot of the PC, and then deleted assuming
all is well. Just to remove the Control Panel item: try renaming:
ramdisk.cpl to ramdisk.cpl.old.

BTW: Trevor, the device we are now using for Windows-7 tests is this free

the one at the top "Dataram RAMDisk".

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