Uninstall AR-soft ramdisk

Trevor Smithers

I'm setting up a new system on XP pro based around the DVBWorld box. The box installed ok and
I've set the PID's etc. Installed TelliCast and eToken and confirmed that data is flowing as
expected and then went on to edit recv-channels.ini to sort out the file structure etc.

At this point I installed AR-soft Ramdisk, set it to 80mb (83000000 in recv.ini)

Now, when I start up DVBWorld, the system crashes with a screen of information that is too quick
to read. On other occasions the DVB opening screen comes up but everything freezes.

I'm assuming this is something to do with the ramdisk install but I can't find anywhere to uninstall
it. It's not shown in add/remove and I can't find where it lives either.
I've disabled it through the setup screen but its made no difference to the crashing.

Does this ring any bells - any advice appreciated please.


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