Re: DVBWorld


Hello Robert,

Just to say sorry for leaving you high and dry yesterday following my
'you've got problems' posting I had to go out.
I was though sure you had been receiving EUMETCast via a SkyStar card
previously so your dish must have been on 9 E.

Thanks to Ian and David for taking over.
Just to confirm and for those configuring the DVBWorld software manually
you first have to select 'Eurobird-9 at 9 E' in the left hand side slots of
the Sat Config page [having clicked the spanner on the opening page]then
select TP14_11977_H_27500 in the top slot list on the right hand side page -
which will fill in the other boxes automatically.
By then clicking on Scan TP on the right hand side it will download the
channels on this transponder only - one of which will be Testbild - and fill
the window on the left-hand side of the opening page.
Double clicking Testbild will show media broadcast colour bars and test
tone - which can be rather reassuring.

You should now have green signal level graphs.

As David said, you now need to set the IP reception on the IP Config page.
Again you have selection on the left and right hand sides.
Select Eurobird 9 at 9 E (if not already selected)
Scroll down the list in the box below and select TP14 11977 27500 H34 and
you will be able 'send' this to the right-hand box and click 'Apply'

However, doing all this manually instead of via EUMETSAT's CD configuration
you would then need to manually enter the required PID's - which is a bit
time consuming as they have to entered one by one.
But it's not difficult.

That's the end of my knowledge - your problem appears to be IP addresses
'within' your computer which confuses me (and made even more complex with
Vista! (grin)) though Ian and David are obviously (and others) are dab hands
at this.

Or, perhaps, just a case of correct sequence of software installation?


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