Re: DVBWorld - nearly there?

Robert Moore

Thanks Ian, yes I'm clearly very close. Frustrating to be so near and yet so far. I checked the IP address of the box and it has remained unchanged. I'm using Windows XP Professional still - do you think there's something I might have to upgrade for this OS?


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Robert it is important though to check the IP address of the DVB device. It
may well be that IPV4 has been reset to automatic and that you need to
change it to

If that is OK which operating system are you using as Vista ( and Windows
7 ) may need the Vista route command upgrade. That was the final piece in
the jigsaw for me when I moved to Windows 7

Hope that helps and good luck -- you are clearly very close.


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No problems with this David - I followed your advice right at the
beginning and disabled the old TechniSat card.


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