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Robert Moore

I must be nearly there. I still have the test card on screen but 'Data statistic' says that the data are flowing and I have a black T on yellow.
Signal strength 94% and quality 59%

There must be just one more step .....


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Robert Moore wrote:
Thanks Ian - I did spot the address error but it hardly seemed worth
another email to correct it. Thanks also for the earlier message.
Some real problems here then; suspect something wrong with my
configuration. The only channel I have at 11977H is TP11.
Setting this give me Testbild and 12 other channels.

If you have the Testbild OK, then you should be able to start the IP. The
IP should be shown as being on the same transponder (11977MHz H), but on
the Dexatek software at least, the numbering is separate (in the
right-hand box) and starts from TP1 as you add in IP transponders. If you
can't start the IP, I would check that you have the right IP transponder

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