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Robert re my last mail to you ( not from John !!! ) the Sat cofig is
determined by the channel you have selected above. I run a Dexatek Box
which is identical, but the software is presented differently so channel
selection on your software might be in a different position. If you select
channel 11977 H the polarisation should automatically show horizontal. I
cannot see how selecting 11977 would show vertical.

I suspect Robert with your long list of channels you have scanned the entire
satellite. The encrypted sex channels are on 12092 H and 12074 H. All you
needed to do was scan 11977 H. to get the Testbild channel.

Make sure on your Sat config that Eurobird 9 or 9A is shown and that the
transponder is TP14 11977 which should show the polarisation setting as


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Further to my last John; I _do_ have Testbild in my long list of
channels - and it gives a test card (vertical coloured stripes). Also of
interest, I can't get Sat config to accept horizontal polarisation - it
always reverts to vertical with the message 'The same transponder aleady
exist' (sic)


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Robert if you scanned transponder 11977 H on Eurobird 9A you should get
approx. 12 channels, with only one being FTA ( free to air ). That
is Testbild and as the name implies is a testcard and that will confirm
you are on the correct satellite.

If you are getting a whole load of TV channels that does not include
Testbild it would suggest you are on the wrong satellite. If you let me
know a couple of the channels you are getting I will likely be able to
determine the satellite you are pointing at, the most likely being 13� E.


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