Re: [rig-l] A nice surprise.

John Thexton <john@...>

Yes you are correct David 40 euros for the e token 60 for tellique software.
Best Wishes

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> Does this mean you'll be getting an MSG system now John? ;-))

Must be the one person who _should_ have one!

> To answer Douglas's question:
> We need to return a signed copy to the Met office and they will
inform EUMETSAT and then they in turn will issue the decryption
hardware and software at the cost of 100 EUR inclusive.

This confuses me - the cost, as I understaood it, was 60 Euros for
the Tellique software and 40 Euros for the eToken and it's runtime
environment. You may want to check just what you get for the 100
Euros - perhaps it includes the Tellique software you already have.

BTW: if you are running the V4.2.8 drivers - watch out. Perhaps it
was just me, but I had awful problems with the eToken and the V4.2.8
drivers - the system would randomly stop working after 3 - 72
hours. We went through a lot of pain to discover just what the
problem was, upgrades of the Tellique software, upgrades and debug
versions of the eToken runtime environment, putting the eToken on a
USB extender cable in case it wasn't seating properly. This on a
550MHz Pentium III. In the end, I got a second eToken, and built a
second 1GHz Pentium III PC with a new SkyStar card. No problems
with the rebuilt configuration. I then put the original SkyStar
card and USB eToken into another PC (2.8GHz Pentium 4), got a
splitter to feed both, and have no problems with that
configuration. Go figure!

No such mail here as yet, just the Tax bill for last year and half
of next year....


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