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In a message dated 19/05/2009 13:11:06 GMT Daylight Time,

I have signal strength 75 and quality 45% - both in red.

Hello Robert,

Now I don't want to worry you - but if your signal readout graphs are red -
you have a problem if the software is setup for EUROBIRD-9A.

If your dish is pointed at 9 degrees E and your DVB satellite set-up tab
left window is set to eurobird-9 at 9 degrees E (they don't have a setting
for '9A' as such) and you have 11977 H 27500 set in the other window when you
scan transponder you should get green signal readouts.

If you do 'scan transponder' media broadcast should appear in the channel
list and you can double click this to receive the colour bars - that will
tell you, you are receiving EUROBIRD-9A.


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