Re: Techisat Skystar-2 card revisions and Linux

Purcocks, Graham <grahamp@...>

Arne gave the link in a previous exchange

Maybe the link below can help you.
Search for : "2.8 for linux" on that page.

The readme files are quite explicit. I suggest using the menuconfig to only compile the skystar 2 drivers if this is all you use as it will save a lot of grief getting the v4l tree to compile which is designed to compile against vanilla Linux kernels. The RedHat ones have many back ports so I had to modify the confih include file to pull in the correct parts. This patch is a binary file as they will not allow the driver (at the moment) to be released in source form.

Hope this helps


From: [] On Behalf Of Daniel García Sáenz
Sent: 19 May 2009 12:48
Subject: [MSG-1] Re: Techisat Skystar-2 card revisions and Linux

Can you explain the patch installation procedure? Where is it available for
download? We have a system working under FEDORA and would like to also test
this new card revision.


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