Re: Techisat Skystar-2 card revisions and Linux


Thanks for reporting Graham,

Good to hear you did manage to get this new 2.8A version working under Linux. Although the windows driver may make install under windows easy, we are interested in reports on how the new receiver is handling.

Arne van Belle

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I started receiving data using Centos 5 O/S and the Linuxtv v4l driver
tree including the binary patch for the Skystar 2 Version 2.8A card
using the V2.8A card running in a 3.3V PCI slot.

Processing has yet to be achieved, but that is a known quantity. The
main thing will be system stability which was poor for us with a RedHat
3 O/S and Eumetcast supplied drivers for Skystar 2 2.6D card.

I thought people might be interested in this information.


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