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Ian Deans <isdeans1.-_@...>

I am not 100% sure if the problem I had was to do with failure to retain the route command.

I had spent quite a few hours trying to get Eumetcast working on Windows 7 using my Dexatek Box, but could not progress beyond a yellow "T" I then entered the route command used for Vista, re-booted but still had the yellow"T"
However I shut down my computer for a couple of hours and that included a mains switch off which powered off the router. When I re-booted 2 hours later I quickly had another try and to my amazement all was working. Now the only change to the previous boot up was that the router had been switched off, but why that has made a difference is beyond me and makes no sense.

Eumetcast has now been working perfectly for nearly 4 days now and I do not run overnight, so require a boot up every morning which is giving me no issues at all.


From: "David J Taylor" <>
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If you mean the apparent failure to retain the route command, it's a
problem I haven't seen, so I can't really contibute more. Prem Holdaway
and Ian Deans have seen this problem, though.


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