Re: [rig-l] A nice surprise.

James Brown

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I hope that MSG users in the UK had the same surprise as me this morning when
picking up the morning post?
There amongst the Christmas cards was my Met. Office License Agreement for
use of MSG Data.

I hope that you all received yours - or will do so in a couple of days.

What an end to the year?

John Tellick.
Yes myself as well.
Does this mean you'll be getting an MSG system now John? ;-))

To answer Douglas's question:

We need to return a signed copy to the Met office and they will inform EUMETSAT and then they in turn will issue the decryption hardware and software at the cost of 100 EUR inclusive.

Payment is to be by a cheque drawn in EUR to EUMETSAT, and then they will activate the e-token.

James Brown

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