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Alan Banks <alan@...>

Hi Marc,
You may get a number of replies to this - probably all different to some degree.

I am receiving shed loads of data to my hard drive
Some of us are getting 30GB a day or more depending on what interests you.
Make sure your hard drive is big enough and schedule some regular housekeeping. David's 'TrimTree' is an excellent free utility

my question is to understand what data is doing what

To make the most of the different channels you really need GeoSatSignal from David.
There are whole, fairly indigestible (for amateurs), tutorials on what is what, but your best bet is to join GEO and get all the back editions of the Quarterly
, what is the difference between msg-1 and msg-2,

In practical terms very little. MSG2 is the operational geostationary sat scanning approx one third of the globe centered on the prime meridian every 15 mins.
MSG1 used to be the operational sat, is now the backup and is currently used for 5min scanning of Europe.
what is the deifference between the different channels

The various wavelengths tell you different things about the atmosphere and layers within it. Two vis, 9 IR and one hi res visible
, is it possible to just receive images for the uk for now?
You can set up MSG DM just to take the MSG HRIT data and leave LRIT and FSD alone ( but why would you?).
Also set up your recv-channels.ini file just to take EUMETSAT Data Channel 2

Have a good read round David's site - there's a great deal of info there.

If you want to know what to do with the data see



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