Re: Techisat Skystar-2 card revisions and Linux

Purcocks, Graham <grahamp@...>


Very helpful thanks. Just so others don't bang their heads against a
brick wall. Centos 5 standard kernel does *NOT* contain dvb drivers. So
it was only when I built my own from the link below that I actually got
it to recognise any Skystar 2 card.

I have now actually got Centos 5 to recognise the 2.8A card but szap is
not showing a lock, so I am now suspicious of our LNB/dish so getting it
checked out tomorrow.

I now know how to recognise 5V and 3.3V PCI slots! BTW the 2.8A card is
currently in a 3.3V slot so that will widen the choice of PC hardware if
it actually starts to deliver data!

Will let you know what transpires.


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Subject: [MSG-1] Re: Techisat Skystar-2 card revisions and Linux

Hello Graham,

Have heard that the new 2.8 version is both 3.3V and 5V compatible but
uses a different front-end and needs new drivers.

Maybe the link below can help you.
Search for : "2.8 for linux" on that page.

As your are not the first user having problems with this new Skystar 2.8
version, I think we better avoid this version until driver issues are
sorted !

Arne van Belle

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