Re: FSD Missing Segments

Robert Denton

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Didn't Robert Moore report a similar problem recently on the SatSignal
group. Cured by a PC reboot, IIRC? Andrew Hall also report and FSD
problem, but was part faulty source data, and part fixed by an MSG Data
Manager update.

What versions of the SkyStar and TelliCast software are you using? There
has been a recent update to the MSG Data Manager to improve performance on
FSD, so it would be worth trying the beta.

Are you separating out all the data into different directories with your
recv-channels.ini? Do you have the tmp_directory specified in the
[parameters] section of your recv.ini, and have the tmp_directory on the
same partition (disk drive) as all the receiving directories? I guess you
must be if you can turn off GAC data to sure the problem! If the problem
persists, I suggest reporting it to EUMETSAT as it seems strange that two
people are having a similar, but quite unusual, problem.

Obviously, you should be checking for any system limits such as memory,
CPU, network I/O and disk space.

Hi David,
Thanks for taking time to reply my email. You are always there aren't you :o)
Saw the previous mails on the Satsignal group but mine is not the same! By the way, Sorry if I mislead Roland, forgot all about AVHRR and Metop Manager for NOAA 19.Got my directories in order,also checked my system limits, I am also running the beta update on MSG Data Manager, one thing however that I tried what's different, I downloaded the latest drivers from Technisat, Ver 4.5.0. Could this be the problem? My tellicast is ver 2.4.4.b. maybe I need the new disk from Eumetsat? Anyway, I'm happy with my APT for the moment and soon HRPT so no worries, just preparing things for my next move. Hope to see you all at Guildford for the GEO conference.
Best Wishes

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