Re: SkyStar PCI card and Windows 7?

Prem Holdaway <phold@...>

David wrote:

What a palaver!

- device was already recognised
- Device Manager to get the 4.3.0a drivers
- reboot
- install 4.3.0a software
- reboot
- Device Manager to pick up 4.5.0a drivers
- install 4.5.0a software
- it uninstalls the 4.3.0a software
- reboot
- no Server4PC.exe, setup4PC.exe
- realise I need to install the 4.5.0a software
- add the EUMETSAT patches for Eurobird-9
- reconnect the antenna
- it works!

Thanks for your help. I do expect that at least some of the steps above
weren't required, and that by the time Windows-7 is released it will be
much simpler.

SatSignal software - quality software written to your requirements
I found you only need to install the 4.3.0a drivers and then install the
4.5.0a software you do not need to install the 4.3.Oa Software.

The only problem I have so far is I cannot get away from the yellow T. as
far as I can tell everything else seems to be working correctly.

Below is the e-mail received from TechniSat, after informing them of my
Dear sir,

many thanks for your information.
We handed your expierience over to our development department.

Though our newest skynetBDA.sys - drivers should work already with windows7
when installing those manually (from the folder "BDA") - we are working on

Best regards
Hartmut Dockhorn

Support Team

TechniSat Digital S.A.
Mediacenter Betzdorf
11, rue Pierre Werner
6832 Betzdorf

Back to trying to get a white T.

Prem Holdaway

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