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brekaman wrote:
Good Morning all,(and the spies, personal joke)
As most of you know I prefer direct reception but recently decided to
prepare Tellicast again for my next qth, after a disk wipe and
installing a Genuine XP Pro upgrade (well it had to happen one day) I
noticed many missing segments on my FSD tab. Being the curious mind
that I am, I tried several experiments to see if I could eliminate
the problem,and finally succeeded by stopping my GAC data. Now, my
question is this - I checked my PC performance & specs and they seem
more than ample to handle the data,even though it's only a Pentium 4
3.4Ghz the memory is also sufficient (2Gb) so what is holding up the
data? I'm aware anti-virus can be a problem slowing things down but
tests show it's not the case,I use a RAM disk with tmp file of 80 Mb
which never fills up, Could it be that the PCI card is too slow?
(v2.6d)Or maybe it's my old IDE hard disk? But again, resources are
showing good. It would be nice to have the GAC data as well. On this
dedicated RX machine I run Data Manager Ch2,9 and 12, with all FSD
inc FY2C data, another copy of data manager for Rapid scan again ch
2,9 and 12 but with no other channels.AVHRR manager and Sometimes I
run Animator, I use a second machine for processing the AVHRR data
and direct APT reception.
I would have thought with not running LRIT and all the fancy
by-products and only 3 HRIT channels that things would be sufficient.
My curious radio ham mind wants me to get it running perfectly, so
I'm open to suggestions as to what else to try from the experienced
in this field.
Yours Humbly with Best Wishes

Didn't Robert Moore report a similar problem recently on the SatSignal group. Cured by a PC reboot, IIRC? Andrew Hall also report and FSD problem, but was part faulty source data, and part fixed by an MSG Data Manager update.

What versions of the SkyStar and TelliCast software are you using? There has been a recent update to the MSG Data Manager to improve performance on FSD, so it would be worth trying the beta.

Are you separating out all the data into different directories with your recv-channels.ini? Do you have the tmp_directory specified in the [parameters] section of your recv.ini, and have the tmp_directory on the same partition (disk drive) as all the receiving directories? I guess you must be if you can turn off GAC data to sure the problem! If the problem persists, I suggest reporting it to EUMETSAT as it seems strange that two people are having a similar, but quite unusual, problem.

Obviously, you should be checking for any system limits such as memory, CPU, network I/O and disk space.

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