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hello arne,

south coast Uk 50'50N 000.01W


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What is your location ? (For Cyprus or Norway, 59% is quite good !)
What signal quality readings do you have on 13 or 19.2 degrees East ?

The receivers we use do not have calibrated scales, as long as there are no errors, all may be fine.

A LNB better than 0.1 dB is hard to find but some brands may quote their figures a bit optimistic.

Arne van Belle

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Hello everyone,

Quick piece of advice please i am running a 90cm dish with a universal 0.1db lnb low loss cable and a dvb usb2 box when i lock onto the correct TP i get 100% signal stength but cannot get above 59% signal quality even when slewing the lnb this does not change, when ip activated i am running at 1300.00kb/s and have no errors which is good i guess but 59% seems a low signal quality figure, my only thoughts are too purchase a better LNB? what do you guys think.

Many thanks

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