Re: Problems with SkyStar card.........Again!!!!

John Parkins <john@...>

Hello Group,

In the usual way when dealing with this card, it now seems to be
working. What did I do? Well I hotglued a fan to it and put it back
in...... Now the card couldn't have been too hot because in trying to
get it going I had been turning the computer on and off all the time,
so the card was cool. But go figure.

I did however see the greatest alert I ever seen from Windows XP.
Having been changing PCI slots when I tried to assign the correct IP
address to the card I got, " That IP address has been allocated to
another network card, which is not working because it doesn't seem to
be installed. Should you use this address it will conflict with the
assigned network card should it be installed" or words to that effect.
Whatever happened to plug and play?????

Still I have to put the sides back on the computer which is no doubt
going to be another reason for this card not to work.......

Monday, September 15, 2003, 9:22:07 PM, you wrote:

JP> Hello Group,

JP> Having most of the bits to knock up another computer I thought I might
JP> as well and dedicate it to the receiving of MSG. So it's been put
JP> together and today after and brand new installation of Windows XP I
JP> installed the Skystar card, still using the old drivers. But I
JP> have a small problem and I wonder if anyone else had ever seen the
JP> same. After starting the computer I get a very nice green icon in the
JP> taskbar telling me the card is receiving, I fire up the Tellique
JP> software, it connects and starts to do it's thing, seconds later the
JP> green icon turns red!!!! closely followed by the Tellique icon!

JP> Anyone got any ideas?

Best regards,
John mailto:kvp@...

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