Re: Firewalls and MSG-1

James Brown

Exactly the same here James. I have 2 computers on a simple (cross over)
network and either I wait a few minutes or 'force' recognition on start up.
I consider myself reasonably competent with computers but with one major
exception.....networks ! God bless the XP Network Wizard.

LOL Douglas! Yes indeed - I now consider myself to be a network expert because of all the problems I have had at one point or another!! The only thing is, I haven't a clue as to how they work, but if your problem happens to have matched mine - then of course I am an expert at that point!!

My network regularly goes down, I've had to re-install drivers for the access points, rename connections that for some strange reason become connection 3, followed by connection 4 etc. Discover that I hadn't logged all the computers in the same workgroup, unplug devices which have inexplicably locked up - usually on the wife's computer - , mains blips which have hung up the router, and in terms of re-booting - I am the King!!


James Brown

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