Re: Firewalls and MSG-1

James Brown

In message <n6abuv8416ffo8717peanag8939rf69fgc@...>, Lawrence <lawrence@...> writes
In order to use MSG DM across a home network, I have had to disable the
XP Pro firewall. When it is enabled, the other computers on the network
cannot see the main (processing) computer. Does anyone know whether the
MS firewall can be taught that the internal network is OK? I have not
found any reference to this in MS help files.


Lawrence Harris
Hi Lawrence,

Do you mean not at all or it takes a long time for the network to establish the computers in the workgroups and to begin to access the files?

I can use a laptop with Windows XP home edition to access the main computer (also XP home)via a 11mHz Wireless router/ modem network, both are firewalled and files come across OK. But it can take several minutes for the computers to begin to recognise the existence of each other.


James Brown

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