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John Din

Alan, I have 5 computers on a private network and two working with MSG1, I will gladly send you my set-up details, I have Windows XP and 98 and Me systems working together, Best wishes, John Din
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I'm sorry if this is a bit off-topic, although it concerns the
implementation of the two computer method of receiving MSG-1 data. After
over 12 hours of fiddling around with the two computers, I have got nowhere
and have run out of ideas!
I have been running my MSG1 stuff on one computer, with a fair degree of
success. Yesterday I received a new machine which I had ordered and wanted
to get it running without delay. I decided to leave the DVB card and the
tellique software in the old machine and run the MSG DM in the new. In order
to avoid problems with the IP address of the old computer I decided not to
use the Network Wizard but to assign an IP address to it (previous
experience had showed me that using the Wizard tended to result in the
tellique client not being able to connect). So far OK, the receiving
computer works, receives the data, the tellique client works and so does MDM
which is still in that machine. BUT, nothing I can do will make the new
machine communicate with the old one via the Ethernet connection between the
two. The main problem seems to be that the new machine (which has the latest
version of Windows XP Home) insists on assigning an IP address using an
Automatic Private Address scheme or DHCP and will not let me assign a static
IP address in a series which the other machines on the network might
Any ideas from those of you who have two-machine networks? Hardware is two
Athlon machines 1800 and 2400, Belkin hub (10/100 MHz Ethernet).

Best regards - Alan

Alan Sewards
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