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Kobus Botha

Hi All
It seems to be that my computer needed a reboot! I receive now with Data Manager on MSG 1.
Greetings- Kobus.

In, "Kobus Botha" <bo51@...> wrote:

Hi All
I still get nothing on the C Band- not with MSG Data Manager set to 1 or 2. Other people with the same problem?
Greetings- Kobus Botha- South Africa.

In, "Ferdinand Valk" <fvalk@> wrote:

Thanks David. This gives a sensible explanation why different systems saw
different channels coming in as a function of thermal calibration being set
or not.




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David J Taylor
Sent: Friday, 17 April, 2009 20:10
Subject: Re: [MSG-1] MSG-1

No problems with the MSG Data Manager, using MSG-1 data setting as advised
earlier. The earlier files with the mixed naming were confusing things,
and with the prolog being decoded as zeros, some channels to which thermal
calibration had been applied, were showing as all white.


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