Meteosat 9

Douglas Deans <dsdeans@...>

For those who may not receive Eumetsat news messages please see the following :-

News information:
Due to the triggering of a Meteosat-9 safe mode on 17/04/2009 (day 107) at 15:52 UTC, all Meteosat-9
operational services with the exception of LRIT and meteorological products (these last will follow) have
been swapped to Meteosat-8 with effect from 19:15 17/04/2009 (day 107).
Investigations into the cause of the safe mode triggering are in progress. Once the cause is understood
recovery operations of Meteosat-9 will commence and operational services will be resumed.
Further announcements will be made as the investigation proceeds. During this time users will receive
SEVIRI, DCP (except IODC) and Met Products on EUMETCast data channels 2 and 3 with the file name
and contents labeled as MSG-1. The files will appear in the same receive directory as the MSG-2 files
were previously received.

No change to the Tellicast client configuration is needed. However reconfiguration of the local processing
or visualisation software maybe required for the MSG-1/Meteosat-8 data.


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