Re: Darmstadt we have a problem.....

R. Alblas

Douglas Deans wrote:

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MSG-2 18:30 slot seems to be coming in again. MSG-1 not yet


No it is not MSG-2. It is MSG-1 with special header (MSG-1_MSG-2).
See my previous mail.

According to the name of the files the source of the data is MSG2, and it is broadcasted by MSG1?? It looks like they have mixed-up the file naming?
Compare naming of GOES data: file name starts with:
L-000-MSG2__-GOES11........... Which is actually GOES11 data.
Names of current MSG are:
H-000-MSG1__-MSG2..... Which is MSG2 data??

I see now filename is changed to real MSG1 (19:15 data).

Rob Alblas.

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