Re: EUMETCast re-registration - Tellicast V5.5


Thanks Ian for the clarification.

I do wonder if this V5.5 does contain the long awaited Tellicast version that does not need a RAMdisk anymore.
We have unofficial not heard of a release pending.
But this version might contain the new Eurobird/transponder settings pre-installed.

Arne van Belle

--- In, "Ian Deans" <isdeans1.-_@...> wrote:

To avoid any confusion the version number 5.5 is the Eumetsat disc version
which has various drivers and programs on it. This is not the version
number for Tellique which may be still 2.4.4 A ( which is later than 2.4.4 B
--- don't ask !!! ) or it may have an update.


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