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Many thanks david i will order equipment up this week i am ok on the pc side as i used to be a IT consultant so have lots of fast pc's hanging around i will have a good look at your website tonight

again many thanks

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Hello everyone,
just to introduce myself my name is marc my work involves a lot of
flying and my hobbie is astronomy all weather related hence i want to
set myself up a weather station to monitor mainly cloud cover, i have
done a lot of homework on this and i think i know what i need excuse
me if i sound a bit dense on this but i think i need 85cm dish a lnb
on ku band a receiver be it internal card or external box,couple of
good pc's now this is where i get a bit confused i think i need the
EUMETSAT license and software this will give me a feed from MSG
satellite giving me 15 minute update imagery,now where i get confused
is i have read david taylor is the guru of weather software do i need
any other software to monitor cloud cover? and does it give any other
imformation apart from cloud cover?

many thanks for reading all
Welcome to the group!

You will find more information about receiving EUMETCast on the Group for
Earth Observation's Web site:

and it's well worth becoming a member of GEO:

My own site has a guide as well, slightly dated now:

You can use either a single-PC or a dual-PC system. Dual is great if you
have the resources, but with a well-configured single PC, as powerful as
today's PCs are, you will likely get excellent results. Today, I would
recommend the USB DVB Receiver box as sold by GEO - it works well and
seems very reliable. A USB 2.0 hi-speed connection is required on your
PC. You will need another USB port for the dongle which EUMETSAT provide
to control data access - you buy this from EUMETSAT in conjunction with
the TelliCast software.

Yes, my MSG Data Manager software will give you the basic images (other
people also supply software), and there is additional data such as
cloud-top height available once you have registered. Files from the
TelliCast software are in an encoded and segmented format, hence the need
for the MSG Data Manager. For amateurs and educational use, the data is
free. The cloud-top-height data is sent in GRIB format, and I do offer a
viewer for that format as well. Details on my Web site.

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