Re: DVB World/Telecast setup help please


Hello Steve,

Didi you activate "IP" in the DVB world window ?

It looks like Tellicast is not able to connect to the receiver on

Run from command prompt: ipconfig /all
and check that the DVBnet interface does have as IP addres.

Then run from command prompt: ping

If you do not get a reply, there may be a firewall blocking.
Because you also have problems accessing the HTML shell, I think this is the most likely cause.
Check that Windows firewall is disabled and no other firewalls are active on this PC in the beginning. Most firewalls can be configured to let tellicast pass. And most firewalls warn when traffic is blocked. Do not ignore these messages or switch them off.

Good luck
Arne van Belle

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The Telecast icon shows as a black 'T' on a yellow background, and if I hover the mouse over it shows tc-recv:connecting

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