DVB World/Telecast setup help please

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Hi All,

I'm hoping that someone out there might be able to help:

A pal of mine has asked me to help with his weather-sat installation, but I'm rather lost.

He has a DVB World modem and has installed the following:
DVB world software.
Telecast software.
Dongle software.
MSG Data manager.

The Dish is alligned, as I have checked this on an existing installation using the older tv2pc modem and software. (this works just fine.)

The DVB world application has had all of the parameters set manually, and it's status shows as locked, so I don't think there is a problem there. (although this remains to be seen)

The Telecast icon shows as a black 'T' on a yellow background, and if I hover the mouse over it shows tc-recv:connecting

The ini file is as follows:
name=TSL Announcement Channel

I have checked the log file but can see no obvious errors.

If the html shell is selected by right clicking on the "T" icon, to check the status, all I get is the standard MS "page not found" screen - the address is shown as http://local host:2517

I guess this is a configuration error, as I have already needed to correct the interface address to that matching the IP address of the modem.

I have checked all of the documentation that he has, but can't find anything that describes the setup procedures for this particular combination.

I would be most grateful if anyone could give some pointers.



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