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Ian Deans <isdeans1.-_@...>

Pat, I have had three occasions where I have loaded the EKU software 4.5 on my Vista Home Premium computer and had this problem. However on all occasions disabling the PKIMonitor in startup has cured the problem.

Have you checked after following Eumetsat's instructions that the entry in startup is not " ticked " and that the date disabled is clearly shown against the entry. You should also check that there is not more than one entry in startup. If you have loaded the software more than once you might have multiple entries all of which need to be disabled.

If the entry or entries are disabled you will NOT get the password request.

Hope that helps.


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I upgrade my computer with Windows Vista and I install the new E-Token program version (4.5).
There is any time the request of the password from E-Token program.
The Eumetst send me this message, but there is alwais a problem.
Any idea ???

(Eumetsat solution)
eToken PKIMonitor frequently asking for password

- after installation of EKU software (PKIClient) version 4.5 or later
from time to time Etoken pops up a window requiring the password

- the PKIMonitor is running, however this feature is not used by the
EUMETCast software


disable the PKIMonitor with msconfig
- start - run, enter "msconfig", ok
- select the Startup tab
- disable "PKIMonitor", ok
- reboot the station
- after reboot a window will come up showing that something was changed,
check "Don't show..." and accept, close the open window and reboot

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